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About Frederick Douglass Tutoring

Frederick Douglass Tutoring was started by Jamarius Wooden, who is an active tutor in Dallas, TX. Prior to starting Frederick Douglass Tutoring, Jamarius has been a tutor for hundreds of students both online and in person. His experience includes tutoring at the mathematics lab at Alabama State University where he obtained a Bachelor’s of Science in Mathematics. He has tutored on several websites where he obtained reviews for excellent service.

Some of his reviews include

** Patient and reassuring **

Helped my daughter last minute with Algebra 2 study materials. He showed her multiple ways to solve the problems in a way that she can understand! Definitely will be using him for more sessions.

Nicole , 11 lessons with Jamarius

** Wonderful Tutor! **

Jamarius is a fantastic tutor. He is patient, knowledgeable, and takes his time to make sure there material is understood before moving on. After one session with him, my son is less stressed out because he feels hopeful that he doesn't have to struggle with math forever.

Jenny, 10 lessons with Jamarius

** It was worth the drive! **

Jamarius is a great tutor. I chose face 2 face session for the first time because my son needed to build a rapport before doing the online session. Jamarius was helpful and very polite. He actually reiterated what I had been telling my son. I am definitely going to reschedule. My son said he felt confident about his test this morning and that's a big deal!

Estell, 1 lesson with Jamarius

What can one expect with Frederick Douglass Tutoring?

Frederick Douglass Tutoring

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